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We are a bunch of enthusiastic individuals with a people-development focus. We deliver impeccable outsourcing solutions using our unparalleled expertise, experience, and dedicated resources in various business domains and help businesses operate on an optimum level.


Managing various business procedures simultaneously and producing result-oriented solutions in each domain can be daunting. At our growing stage, we used to work day and night handling tedious paperwork, running marketing campaigns, managing accounts, and creating workable solutions for our clients. Back then, we wished for a helping hand who’d share our responsibilities sincerely and treat our business like their own.

Serving 80 hours per week was not something we wanted to pursue, so we explored the possibility of outsourcing. We outsourced some business processes, and that did prove to be game-changer! From there, the idea of Bluedash came into being!


We Created the Outsourcing Company We Always Wanted to Work With BlueDash is a leading outsourcing service provider. We offer comprehensive outsourcing solutions from digital marketing, software development, and ecommerce services to back-office and offshore call centre support.


Our Mission

To empower and encourage our team to deliver an exceptional customer experience in every domain. To help businesses achieve corporate excellence and strengthen their customer support channels through our reliable outsourcing services.

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as a leading outsourcing network and set a new benchmark in the outsourcing industry.  

Why is Bluedash the Perfect Outsourcing Solution?

  • We take all the essential measures to keep clients’ business information secure.
  • We strongly believe in keeping the communication as smooth and transparent as possible.
  • We take clients’ feedback very seriously as we distinctively believe it could change our organization, our nation — and perhaps the world.
  • We treat every business like our own, and invest ourselves wholly in every project we undertake.
  • We have a dedicated team that encourages, enables fast career growth by offering genuine consultation and guidance, plus above-the-market benefits to every individual associated with our company.


Meet The Maestros Behind Bluedash

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Eh Jewel
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Rashed Ka.
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