The Cupid of Nerds: Ryan Glitch’s Comic-Con Speed-Dating Empire

For an 18-year-old outfitted as a Pok


mon fictional character hitting on an older woman, a child is remarkably suave. “this will be my third Comic-Con, but it is the most important year I was of sufficient age for this,” Ash Ketchum claims, gesturing into the 82 women and men placed in pairs in a conference area inside the basement regarding the Javits Center. Lamenting the tyranny of basketball at his senior school, he offers to show me his Pok

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all, but a Jedi knight with spiked locks yells, “energy’s upwards!” the three-minute speed time is over.

Sunday Jedi warrior Ryan Glitch will be the 27-year-old holder of
Sci-Fi Increase Dating
, that 3 years features arranged countless speed-dating activities at a large number of super-fan conventions. Glitch’s sessions have resulted in five marriages, two babies, nineteen engagements, “as well as over a hundred couples dating honestly,” he tells me at one of New York Comic-Con’s eight Sci-Fi increase Dating classes. “and that is what we understand from men and women informing you on our very own fb page!”

A “big old nerd” from a family group of NASCAR lovers in upstate ny, Glitch is actually a gleeful one-man tv show of flick estimates, silly voices, and fart jokes. The guy first attempted performance matchmaking five years before, at Atlanta’s Dragon Con. “It was like twenty men and five girls,” he recalls. He left ahead of the program finished.

Later on that season, he emailed the organizers of

Stars Conflicts

Party V to
recommend they attempt performance matchmaking
. “i acquired an e-mail straight back asking, ‘How does speed matchmaking work?’ And so I explained it in their mind. They requested easily’d operate one. We told them I had. But I had maybe not.” Every program sold-out.

“after that it simply blew right up,” Glitch goes on. “We got happy, we hit on advisable, and we also went with-it.” Ever since then, he and a rotating team of buddies have prepared speed-dating occasions at about twenty cons per year;
Sci-Fi Speed-Dating fact tv show

Geek Really Love

shortly on TLC
then relocated
to gaming site IGN. “the coming year i’ll just be sure to press it to 35 [conventions],” Glitch states. “we at this time make adequate to live off it. Well, live meagerly, i ought to state.”

Between disadvantages, Glitch works for the back room of a local Walmart, assembling flooring design shows. The guy estimates he could be the third or fourth quickest assembler of bikes inside Walmart firm. He states their buddy and speed-dating collaborator Jeff Hubbard is the best assembler in the field. “you realize, aces inside their spots,” Glitch states.

Hubbard has-been aiding Sci-Fi Speed-Dating setup and violation revenue because start. The day I met him, he had been wearing an Indiana Jones costume rigged playing the film theme tune when he stepped. The guy does not consider he’s the quickest Walmart assembler in the world, but acknowledges that in 25 years he’s become very good. “i enjoy use my personal fingers,” Hubbard explains. Within the art economic climate of

Celebrity Wars

costuming, their niche is actually fabricating armour. Their Darth Vader costume is really worth approximately $10,000.

Glitch’s most valuable costume is actually an

Episode III

Anakin Skywalker really worth $4,000, but weight gain at this time stops him from dressed in it. The guy lately dedicated his fb web page to documenting his search to lose fat for the following

Celebrity Wars

Party. “62 times soda and take out free of charge. 13 days consecutively of jogging. 556 times till gathering. Starting body weight, 367, present weight 346.2,” he blogged the other day.

Glitch’s performance time web hosting looks are component stand-up comedy, part Soup Nazi. The guy packs as many rate daters into his periods as well as actually feasible; avoiding 82-person pile-ups, performance time rotations need to be orderly and rapid. For heterosexual classes, he pre-registers more ladies than men, then just acknowledges as much males because there are available women. (LGBT speed dating typically takes place in different sessions.) He’s rigorous about outlines. “In Denver we’d bigger outlines than their particular A-listers. In Salt Lake City, we’d bigger outlines than A-listers.” He describes a Sci-Fi Speed-Dating range that once overshadowed a William Shatner screen.

My personal speed dates include a Peruvian film buff, a Wall Street financier in Final Fantasy armor, and a cosplay professional photographer from Hong Kong. Some men are seeking girlfriends, but most say they would end up being pleased despite the dreaded friend region. “Just a person that allows me,” an electric Ranger with a lengthy isle feature states, gesturing to their spandex-clad body. “because individuals exactly who fulfill me here, they see everything.”

36 months ago, Keri Brugge ended up being outfitted as a Jedi knight when she sat down in front of husband to be Matt Brugge at Glitch’s very first

Superstar Wars

Celebration V speed-dating period. Four months later on, these were marching down a marriage section with the

Star Wars

theme song. Matt proposed by organizing his

Star Wars

figurines in a diorama version of a Sci-Fi Speed-Dating area. Keri’s engagement ring was actually hidden underneath Padmé Amidala of Naboo.

The Brugge wedding ceremony and involvement.

Picture: Keri and Matt Brugge

The pair live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with Matt’s 7-year-old child, who Keri is actually helping create a Princess Leia costume outfit for Halloween. Visiting the Sci-Fi Speed-Dating place at Chicago Comic Con this season, “I was love,


,” Keri recalls. “and I found myself like, everyone repeat this! It struggled to obtain all of us!”

“You’ll find two folks from 1st treatment who i have already viewed travelling keeping arms,” Glitch informs me following program. “It really is form of an unwordable feeling. When Keri and Matt called to express, hey, we’re getting married, I became like—” He drops his jaw and pantomimes speechless exhilaration, arms flapping at the arm. “In my contracts for a while, underneath for which you signal, it could state ‘Ryan Glitch, Geek Pimp.’ They put it on the state agreements! I was thinking it had been entertaining. It is a cool sensation and I also enjoy it.”

The technical pimp himself, however, is actually unmarried. Glitch’s newest connection started at their first-ever

Star Wars

speed-dating session; he had been merely web hosting, but she discovered him on fb and additionally they dated for many years. “i simply want a wife and young ones. That is my personal only purpose in daily life. If rate matchmaking don’t take place again, whenever we never ever filmed once more, i’dn’t proper care if I had a wife and young ones.” But he isn’t sure whether he’ll combine business with delight again.

“i’d like to meet some one,” Glitch sighs, “but I think it really is unethical to make use of my personal abilities for evil or self-gain.”

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